CushCare Condition Trial

The product is supported by the results of a substantial trial period. During the trial, we have worked with vets across the country to identify horses who would benefit from the feed.

Owners of horses which have taken part in the feed trial are delighted with the results:

  • 87% positive and will continue feeding.
  • Improved coat condition, appetite and weight gain.

Here are some of the comments we have received from people on the CushCase Condition trial:

“Poppy was not eating many of her feeds before the trial. Since she has been on the trial, she has eaten each feed given to her. I have noticed her appetite slowly increasing. She is currently shedding her coat and vast amounts of fur are being brushed out every day”

“He has definitely put on weight and has more energy”

“Her coat is getting shinier”

“She is much more interested in her food and eats up well”

“His coat is more normal and even shiny. I’m really pleased with his look and feel”

The health of your older horse

If you have any concerns about the health of your older horse, you should of course contact your veterinary surgeon. We also recommend discussing any dietary changes with your vet.

You can also look at our FAQ’s on feeding CushCare Condition. If you have any further questions, please call our nutritional helpline on 0845 345 2627 to speak to our company veterinary surgeon.

We are always delighted to receive feedback on our products. You can contact us to tell us about how CushCare Condition works for your older horse at our feedback page, by email or at Facebook and Twitter.

The launch of CushCare Condition is yet another innovation from Dodson & Horrell. The company is a globally recognised brand with a proud tradition of excellence going back 75 years.

Dodson & Horrell is a third generation family business. The company’s manufacturing base is in rural Northamptonshire, and it exports to 42 countries.