Samantha Marsh and Abbie

Samantha Marsh, Abbie and the CushCare Condition trial programme

Samantha’s Welsh x Anglo Arab, Abbie, was one of the first horses to take part in our CushCare Condition trial programme. When she got in touch with out nutritional helpline, Samantha told us that Abbie was suffering from a dull, hairy coat and a less-than-enthusiastic appetite; no wonder she has the tendency to be a little grumpy around the yard.

CushCare Condition trial programme

Abbie before feeding CushCare Condition

When we met the pair after the trial period, we were greeted with a smiling Samantha and a mare that was in measurably better condition than the one whose photograph we had laid eyes on just a month before. “Her coat is thinner, she is a lot keener to eat and she’s even put on a small amount of weight,” exclaimed Samantha. Abbie’s penchant for becoming easily irritated had also subsided, replaced by a calmer, more tranquil temperament.

CushCare Condition trial programme

Abbie at the end of the trial