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Peter Sclater, Equine Veterinary Surgeon

Peter Sclater, Equine Veterinary Surgeon

“A frequent issue for clients with older horses is that they show classic signs such as increased hair length and poor quality coat, reduced appetite and correspondingly less than ideal body condition. One of my clients with just such a horse contacted me during the summer concerned about how best to feed her horse.

“I spoke to Dodson & Horrell’s vet and was happy for this horse to trial the diet. He started on the new regime early in August and I have just seen him three months later. His owner is delighted with the results. He looks to be in better condition overall with a shiny coat and a good, healthy weight.

“The fact that he eats up well, which he didn’t before, is a very good sign. I am very happy to recommend this feed with helps manage the symptoms a lot of older horses have without high levels of sugar and starch.”

Cathy Moore & Twiggy

Cathy Moore, Twiggy and the CushCare Condition Trial Programme

When we first met Cathy, her 25 year-old Anglo Arab, Twiggy, was seemingly in sound health. Cathy described her as having a normal coat and a reasonable appetite, despite being a little underweight and having poor teeth.

Cathy Moore Twiggy Pre (4)  Cathy Moore Twiggy Pre (6)

This was Twiggy before she started on CushCare Condition

We were pleased to see how well Twiggy was doing, but eager to show Cathy that we could further enhance her quality of life. Cathy agreed, and happily introduced CushCare Condition into Twiggy’s daily diet.

The results speak for themselves. After only 1 month, Twiggy has found it much easier to gain weight, putting on a healthy 25kg. She has also developed a shimmering coat and wolfs down whatever feed is put in front of her. Cathy is ecstatic about the changes she has seen in Twiggy, saying she hasn’t seen her so ‘full of life’ for a very long time: “I’m looking forward to putting her new saddle on and going for a ride.”

Cathy Moore Twiggy Post (1)  Cathy Moore Twiggy Post (2)

This is Twiggy two weeks into her new diet.


Samantha Marsh and Abbie

Samantha Marsh, Abbie and the CushCare Condition trial programme

Samantha’s Welsh x Anglo Arab, Abbie, was one of the first horses to take part in our CushCare Condition trial programme. When she got in touch with out nutritional helpline, Samantha told us that Abbie was suffering from a dull, hairy coat and a less-than-enthusiastic appetite; no wonder she has the tendency to be a little grumpy around the yard.

CushCare Condition trial programme

Abbie before feeding CushCare Condition

When we met the pair after the trial period, we were greeted with a smiling Samantha and a mare that was in measurably better condition than the one whose photograph we had laid eyes on just a month before. “Her coat is thinner, she is a lot keener to eat and she’s even put on a small amount of weight,” exclaimed Samantha. Abbie’s penchant for becoming easily irritated had also subsided, replaced by a calmer, more tranquil temperament.

CushCare Condition trial programme

Abbie at the end of the trial

Lorna Bowen & Fern

Lorna Bowen and Fern on the CushCare Condition diet

Fern, Lorna’s 21 year old pony, unfortunately has a history of laminitis that has caused her suffering and discomfort in the past. When we approached the pair, fern’s state of health was relatively stable and she was beginning to recover from her latest episode. We arranged with Lorna to gradually introduce the CushCare Condition diet into Fern’s diet as it has a low starch and sugar content that is appropriate for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.

before the cushcare condition diet

Fern before the trial

Days after she started the CushCare Condition diet, we received this message from Lorna: “She loves the food… I have never seen my pony enjoy her food as much as she has done eating this diet… that’s really great for her.”

By the end of the trial, Fern’s coat had improved beyond recognition and her appetite had been transformed. Lorna added: “She was such a fussy eater and wouldn’t eat most foods, it’s made her a lot happier.”

after the cushcare condition diet trial

Fern at the end of the trial